Steve’s Club - Beat the Streets Fundraiser 2012!

Posted on August 08, 2012 by Steve Liberati
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Steve’s Club National Program is dedicated to bringing fitness, nutrition, and personal development to at-risk youth. Our goal is to bring our mission to as many at-risk kids, teens and young-adults as possible, in as many cities as possible.

Our annual Beat the Streets fundraiser enables us to grow the National Program, with proceeds going toward supporting new Local Steve's Clubs across the country.

Here’s how the annual Beat the Streets fundraiser works:

CrossFit Affiliates across the country (including, but not limited to, those that have or hope to build Local Clubs), can pick a date between September 15th and September 23, 2012 and program our Beat the Streets workout as their WOD for that day.

As a Partner WOD, it can be any mix of Male, Female, and Youth athletes, and national prizes are awarded for: Top Affiliate Fundraiser, Top Competitive Team, and Top Youth Team. It can be a fun social event or a regular workout - whatever works for your gym.

For those participating in the workout, the suggested donation is $25, and all donations are tax-deductible (both for the suggested donation WOD or if you'd like to make a contribution without breaking a sweat). Not only does the money go to support new Local Clubs across the country, but a workout like this is great for reaching out to new people in the community and encouraging them to try CrossFit.

To host Beat the Streets at your gym, follow the instructions here: Get Involved

The workout details, requirements, and movement standards are here: Beat the Streets WOD

In addition to supporting the development of Local Steve's Clubs old and new, words can’t express the profound impact the event can have on communities and individual youth. Seeing a community come together for a great cause; working out alongside others with the same challenges; and understanding what it means to be part of something BIG can be the start to major positive changes in a kid’s life. We appreciate your support!

Beat the Streets Results

Posted on June 18, 2011 by Steve Liberati
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Better late than never!  We finally tallied up all the results from our 2011 Beat the Streets fundraiser and here are your winners:

Top Teams:

Top Fundraiser:

Winners received a bunch of Paleo Kits and other goodies!

2011 Beat the Streets Fundraiser at Steve’s Club Camden is a major success!

Posted on May 17, 2011 by Steve Liberati
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Over 30 CrossFit Affliates across the country also did the WOD to help us bring CrossFit to at-risk youth in more cities across America. Such overwhelming support from the CrossFit Community. We're so proud to be a part of it.


SC athletes Ralf and Jose with HQ Level I trainer James Hobart and Reebok One trainers

Denise Thomas and Austin Malleolo.

Olympian Oly Lifter Kendrick Farris coaching Justin and Brandon through the workout.

Kendrick putting his explosive powers to the test with a max height box jump.

Reebok to host Steve’s Club BEAT THE STREETS Fundraiser

Posted on April 06, 2011 by Steve Liberati
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We're excited to announce that Reebok CrossFit One will be hosting our annual Steve's Club BEAT THE STREETS Fundraiser with all their employees at the Reebok Headquarters on May 6th!

Steve's Club is fortunate to have the support of the key CrossFitters at Reebok - Dave Lipson, Austin Malleolo, Denise Thomas, and of course the backing from Reebok execs who not only believe in CrossFit as a huge market but also are avid CrossFitters themselves.


Reebok is genuinely committed to CrossFit and to giving back to the community.  We're extremely thankful for their involvement and our Steve's Club athletes are really excited that a big name like Reebok is signing on to help make their training possible.


In addition to Reebok, we have at least 15 other Affiliates across the country hosting BEAT THE STREETS at their gym.  Most Affiliates are doing the WOD on May 14th or 15th - it's a great team WOD for both elite athletes and for beginners.  We hope you'll support the cause and help bring CrossFit to at-risk youth.

Suggested Donation $25, all proceeds go to Steve's Club National Program to help start Local Clubs in cities that need them most.  For more information go to:

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