I Support Steve’s Club: Denise Thomas - Life Does Not Give Handouts

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No handouts. That is one of Denise Thomas’ favorite parts about Steve’s Club. It is a simulation of real life. Yes, it is a non-profit, but it is by no means a charity. At Steve’s Club, you get what you earn.

"These kids are not just given things. Steve and Local Club leaders across the country teach that from day one. Also take Leadership Camp for example. You have to earn your spot. There is an application process. You need coach recommendations. There are no handouts,” said Thomas, an L4 certified coach, a key member of CrossFit HQ Seminar Staff, and a long-time coach at Reebok CrossFit One.

Denise is no stranger to hard work and competing for what she wants. As a former international soccer player, Thomas understood the implications of hard work and never shied away from it. It is for that reason in the summer of 2008, while working as a trainer in New York City, she approached a guy (Dave Lipson, who went on to become a close friend) doing all this “weird” stuff. “He would do pull ups till his hands were all ripped up. Then he’d continue to do more pull ups, and I just could not understand it,” Thomas laughed.

“He asked me if I wanted to do workout, so I said yes, confidently. I had done a few workouts before,” said Thomas. “It was a Fight Gone Bad style workout and it absolutely killed me. Naturally, I signed up for a CrossFit competition because I’m competitive and I wanted to prove that I could handle this type of workout.”

It was at this 2009 Mid-Atlantic Regional that Thomas met one of Steve’s Club’s major contributors, Lee Knight, who was also competing. Denise learned quickly just how strenuous CrossFit could be. Denise recalls, “I DNF’ed two workouts, and finished 2nd to last overall. I walked away wondering, what is this thing? Why does it make me feel so weak?"

"I quickly realized that you get what you earn, especially in CrossFit, and I had to put in some hard work to get where I wanted to go. My competitive nature took over in the gym and I would continue to show up and put in my best effort every day,” said Thomas.

She also knew that life wasn't going to give her any handouts so she went on to aggressively pursue her passion as her career. Immediately after the 2009 Regionals, she got her L1 certification and her L2 certification shortly thereafter. She has been a long-time coach at Reebok CrossFit One, was the head judge for the CrossFit Games in 2011 and 2012, and has worked extensively as a CF HQ Seminar Staff member.

Denise was also witness to the growth of the first Steve's Club in Camden, NJ where she got to workout alongside many of the youth in the early years of the program. She was part of several Beat the Streets Fundraisers and always admired the kids for their hard work. She remembered from those days that Steve would pick the kids up after school in a van, bring them to the gym, and stress that this was a hand "up" not a handout. Free CrossFit classes and people who care, but they had to do the workouts and continue to show up.

Today, Thomas is approaching six years at CrossFit HQ, with the last three and half years working as the flow master for CrossFit, while also helping on the L2 circuit. While CrossFit has changed Thomas physically (she DNFs far fewer workouts nowadays), the big changes she has experienced are far more than that.

“CrossFit has changed me as a human being. I am doing things physically in my mid-30's that I could never do before. I know I’ve changed outside of the gym too. I've become a kinder person, largely because CrossFit teaches you humility,” shared Thomas. “I’ve always had a little fire in me, but I’ve become much less abrasive, much more open-minded, and I don’t complain as much anymore. Ultimately, it’s made me a better friend, daughter, wife, mentor, and mentee.”

"CrossFit changes lives by breaking you down and building you up stronger than you’ve ever been before. I believe in what it can do for people in shaping their character."

That is one of the reasons that Thomas feels so strongly about supporting Steve’s Club. It gives at-risk kids an opportunity to experience this life-changing gift while also leveling the playing field. "When these kids are at the gym, they’re dealing with the same thing as the person next to them. No judgments and everyone is suffering together,” said Thomas.

Denise has also been a guest coach at the Steve's Club Leadership Camp in 2013 where she taught many kids how to do a handstand for the first time and helped them with a public speaking workshop. Denise's positivity and enthusiasm are second to none, and she was a visible reminder to the kids that people in the CrossFit community truly care enough to take time out of their lives to invest in their development.

"Leadership Camp was also a life changing experience for me. Especially when the kids are sharing their stories. For these troubled youth, this is the first time they allow themselves to be vulnerable. They feel safe and willing to share their struggles with each other. It's just amazing that CrossFit can bring them together like that."

Thomas, who has coached CrossFit in over 20 countries, believes in the community aspect of Steve’s Club and its power to generate positive change. “It’s helping them create a family through this national network of Clubs - teens from different cities come to Leadership Camp and forge a strong connection as they tackle workouts and challenges together. They put in the hard work and you see them begin to believe in themselves and accomplish the things they never thought possible before.”

And that begins with trust and knowing that if you put in the effort you will create opportunities. “Steve’s Club, CrossFit, and the real world, they will not just give you things. There is no entitlement. But if you show up, give your best, trust the coaches and support each other, you will have the tools to be successful at whatever you want in life,” said Thomas.

Denise wants the kids of Steve's Club to know that they can break the mold:

"No one says it'll be easy, but Steve's Club is an opportunity disguised as hard work. It'll give you the right mindset to face challenges that'll come up. And if you're feeling stuck, just let people know you need a little help. We won't give you a handout, but we'll be there to give you a hand up. You're part of the CrossFit community and have people looking out for you around the world."

If you'd like to join us in sharing CrossFit with at-risk kids, you can start a Local Steve's Club in your area or make a donation to help us continue to Strengthen the Nation, One Kid at a Time.

Boston Iron Kids Club

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Any CrossFit athlete knows the feeling of failing and bailing. The bar rattles as the bumper plates bounce off the mat. Your face goes flush from both the expended effort and the emotional upheaval of missing the lift and your brain reels as it tries to figure out what went wrong.

Every Steve’s Club coach knows this moment of failure is where the magic happens. Watching and coaching athletes as they deal with a setback, is the hub from which all the goals and missions of this organization radiate.

Tina Ramos, owner and founder of Boston Iron and Grit and founder of Boston Iron Kids Club (a Steve's Club program), knows that lifting and pursuing fitness goals have a lot of similarities to overcoming struggles in other areas of life.

Steve's Club coaches and volunteers are passionate about CrossFit and know that it's a powerful vehicle for giving kids a way to manage some of their life challenges. Fun fitness is the hook to get them moving and slowly they begin to realize that they can do even more than they imagined, if they commit to their goals and work hard.

But overcoming challenges isn't just for the kids and teens we serve. Recently, circumstances forced Tina Ramos to make some big moves both at her affiliate and with her Steve’s Club program. She had to make drastic personnel changes and start back almost from square 1.

“There are a lot of hard learned lessons in business ownership.” Ramos said. “I thought what am I doing? I feel like I'm failing at all of this.”

“But I came back to the only reason I opened my gym was to support a Steve’s Club program for at-risk kids and teens in my community.”

Ramos, a Harvard educated former school counselor, didn’t come to Steve’s Club through the usual route of discovering CrossFit, becoming a coach, starting a gym and then learning of Steve’s Club and adding it on. No, Ramos became aware of Steve’s Club in the early days of her CrossFit journey. It was the idea of Steve’s Club that motivated her to leave her job in education, become a coach and start her own gym.

“From the very beginning, within the first three months, I knew this is what I wanted to do,” Ramos said. ”So I left my school counseling position, got my level 1 and applied to be a Steve's Club program.”

Ramos’ first experience with CrossFit was with the Boston affiliate CrossFit New England. The positive support of the community drew her in and paralleled her earliest experiences as an athlete.

Ramos attributes much of her life’s success to her high school track coach, Mr. Kyser.

“If I hadn’t had Mr. Kyser, I don’t know if I would’ve finished High School. I don’t know if I would have gone on to college.” Ramos said. “I know that having the right role models and the right mentors, was so important to me staying off the streets and going to college.”

It's those role models and positive experiences that she wanted to pay forward to underserved youth in Boston. Tina's goal with Boston Iron Kids Club is to create a community and support system to nurture disadvantaged kids and help them become future leaders in the community.

After acquiring her level 1 and coaching in a gym, she came to understand that the only way she could realize her goal of implementing a Local Steve’s Club was to open her own affiliate. “That was the scariest step.”

Nevertheless, Boston Iron Kids Club held their first fundraiser "BEAT the Streets" in 2014, and in 2105 raised $14,000. When faced with some operational challenges at her gym this past November, Ramos had to “rebuild, regroup and refocus.” Throughout this process she relied on the CrossFit community and her commitment to Steve’s Club.

“I felt like quitting in November but I started calling other CrossFit Affiliate owners and I was introduced to Brandon Peterson the owner of CrossFit Free. We met and now he does our programming and is my business advisor. He has also agreed to join our BEAT The Streets fundraising initiative and I'm super excited to get the 2017 fundraiser organized!”

Ramos also continues to develop her relationship in her local community. Boston Iron Kids Club partners with the 3 Point Foundation to work holistically with inner city youth on both their fitness and academic performance. She also recently started a pilot program with a local high school to train even more kids.

Ramos feels stronger for the failures she experienced, the obstacles she surmounted, and is back at it with more dedication than ever to improving the lives of kids, one kid at a time..

Steve's Club at the core is about acknowledging that we're all on a journey, with many ups and downs, and it's a lot easier to go through it with other positive people who care about your success. If we can give that gift to at-risk kids, who might not have that in their lives, then we're contributing to making the world a better place.

Tina and all the other Local Club coaches nationwide are making sacrifices each day, week, month, and year to make this mission happen. We're proud to have such amazing leaders and volunteers.


If you'd like to get involved with an existing Local Club like Boston Iron Kids Club or one near you, please email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Making a Difference - Steve’s Club Denver

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One of the great things about the Steve’s Club model is that it can adapt to the needs and resources of different communities around the country. In Denver, they built their program from the interests of their founder and founding board, the volunteerism and financial resources of a nearby community, and some of the highest needs kids from their corner of the city. The combination of variables produced one of the larger and fastest growing clubs in the Steve’s Club family.

Within parameters set down by the National Program, each Local Club can decide who they work with and what at-risk population they will serve. In Denver, the founders want to pull from their immediate community, while also serving kids with high mental health needs. In partnership with Third Way Centers, an area non-profit providing housing and treatment to teens, Steve’s Club Denver (SCD) works with 3 different types of athletes in treatment.

For one, they send coaches twice a week to a locked residential treatment center and these athletes are considered higher risk for their recent history of neglect, abuse, or legal problems. Secondly, they work with more stable teens who attend a school run by Third Way and access CrossFit Broadway, or who live in Third Way group homes and workout at Project Rise Fitness-Stapleton. These students have staff with them at all times, but are farther along in their treatment than those in the locked facility. The third type of participant is an older adolescent, living in an apartment run by Third Way, and attending workouts at CrossFit Broadway.

“Since our start, we’ve wanted to follow students within Third Way from their highest risk, to their most stable. This way, Steve’s Club gets to be a consistent part of their week, every week, regardless of where they go next with their treatment.” Duncan Seawell, a clinical psychologist and the founder of SCD, takes great pride in the fact that teens within this part of his program have the benefits of consistent high intensity exercise, consistent adults as coaches and mentors, and consistent positive peer culture within workouts.

“If we know consistency is a key ingredient in healthy child development, why not mix it in with other essential ingredients like effective workouts, healthy relationships, and the good time we all enjoy by working out with our friends.”

The Denver Club is successful in a number of ways and for different reasons. Throughout their development, however, they have proven a key piece of the National Program philosophy shared by all locations: Give Local Clubs the opportunity and freedom to work with who they want and they will find a way to build an effective program for at-risk teens.


Learn more about how to start a Local Steve's Club in your community HERE.

Steve’s Club 10 Days of Giving: Dec 12-21

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Give to your family/friends and Steve's Club at the same time!

Still in search of the perfect gift for a friend, loved one or yourself this holiday season? Check out the amazing products, coaching plans and one-on-one private sessions with elite athletes and high-level coaches in our community that our supporters have so generously donated.

Enter the raffle by making a donation to Steve's Club. These donations ("bids") will help us start more Local Steve’s Clubs in cities that need them!

How it works:

  1. Each item below has it's own donation/bidding page.
  2. Make a donation. That will serve as your "bid" which enters you into a randomly drawn raffle for that item at the end of the 10 days.
  3. Each item has a minimum amount that you must bid to be considered.
  4. Each item also has a "Buy It Now" price. Once your donation goes through, we'll email you and close the page so no other bids will be allowed.
  5. You have 10 days to bid on any/all items.
  6. Bidding closes Dec 21st at midnight ET.
  7. We will choose the winners on Dec 22nd.


  • Make sure you enter at least the minimum bid amount!
  • There will only be ONE winner per item. Just because you "bid" on an item, does not mean you will win it.
  • The size of your donation will not increase your chances of winning.
  • You can enter multiple donations for the same item to increase your chances of winning.
  • Some of the items can only be used at specific gyms/locations. If you don’t live in close proximity to the gym where the item/session is located, travel to California, Texas, Massachusetts, New York, etc. and make a trip out of it! Some of these experiences are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities; so don’t let that stop you from bidding!
  • The items must be used by a specific date.
  • To select the winner for each offer, we will use a random # generator and count from the top of the list by timestamp of when the donation was received.
  • Make sure to enter a valid email when making a donation. This is how we'll contact you if you win.
  • If you win a coaching session, we will put you in touch directly with them to coordinate the date/time and logistics.
  • If you have any questions, please email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and we'll respond within 1 business day.

                                                                     10 Days of Giving Items:

1. One-on-one Olympic lifting session w/ Coach Mike Burgener
$30 minimum donation, or ‘Buy it Now’ for $100 -> CLOSED


1 full hour with Coach Burgener for personalized Olympic Weightlifting coaching.

Can be one-on-one or a group up to 3 people. Session would be at Mike's Gym in Bonsall, CA (a Regional Training Center for USA Weightlifting). Valid until July 1, 2017.

Mike Burgener ("Coach B") is a Level 5 Senior International Weightlifting coach and runs the CrossFit Weightlifting Certification specialty courses across the country. He has dedicated his life to Olympic Weightlifting both as an athlete and as a coach. With his 40+ years of being a strength coach he trains athletes to become better Olympic Weightlifters as well as making athletes more explosive and powerful in their respective sport. Coach B is the real deal!


2. 2 months of HAM Plan programming:
$20 minimum donation, or ‘Buy it Now’ for $70 -> CLOSED

Get 2 months of HAM Plan programming - a training platform designed by Spencer Hendel and Austin Malleolo, five-time CrossFit Games competitors, CrossFit affiliate owners and members of the HQ Seminar Staff team ($80 value). Valid until July 1, 2017 (must start the programming by then).

The HAM Plan is the culmination of a decade’s worth of elite training by Spencer and Austin. Over ten years, they’ve trained thousands of hours and will create an individualized program based on you and your goals. The HAM Plan will deliver a snapshot of where you are now and give you programming to get you to where you want to be!


3. Gymnastics one-on-one w/ athlete Maddy Curley:
$40 minimum donation, or ‘Buy it Now’ for $100


Hang out with an awesome gymnast, CrossFitter and TV and movie star as you improve your muscle-up, kipping pull-up, handstand pushups, etc. This private gymnastics skill session with Maddy Curley is a 1-hour session which can be for 1-5 people. Available only in the Los Angeles, CA area - exact location TBD. Valid until July 1, 2017.

Maddy has coached gymnastics for over 10 years, is a four-time All-American gymnast from UNC Chapel Hill, a CrossFit Regional and CrossFit Games Team Competitor, has worked on TV shows including The Office, CSI, Cold Case, and others, and has been in the movies Stick It and Chalk It Up.


4. 5 pairs of Unbroken Designs women’s knee sleeves:
$20 minimum donation, or ‘Buy it Now’ for $50 -> CLOSED


Choose 5 pairs of Unbroken Designs women’s knee sleeves ($325 value; retail for $65 a pair). Don’t need 5 pairs? Give them to your friends as gifts!
Several different prints and sizes are available:

  • Flower Power (S-M)
  • Lioness (S-M)
  • Black Lioness (XS-XL; not pictured but similar to Lioness print that is pictured. Sleeves are primarily black with the pattern only on the trim.)

These knee sleeves are 5mm thick neoprene to give you the support you need when performing Olympic lifts, pistols and squats.

If you win this item, we'll send you the sizing chart so you can choose the best size to support your athletic needs and goals. *Note: if you win the knee sleeves they will not arrive before the Christmas holiday.


5. 2 personalized or small group coaching sessions w/ Nuno Costa of Invictus:
$30 minimum donation, or ‘Buy it Now’ for $125


Expert coaching in the San Diego area! This is great for someone starting CrossFit, as a way to improve on weaknesses, or for a CrossFit team that wants to prep for an upcoming competition. This is 2 separate one-on-one or small group coaching sessions at one of the Invictus locations (TBD) in San Diego, CA with Nuno Costa. Could be for CrossFit, running, or Olympic lifting and the coaching sessions will be 1 hour. Valid until July 1, 2017.

Nuno has been a head coach for CrossFit HQ since 2012 coaching Level 1 and 2 seminars, CrossFit Endurance seminars, and is a CrossFit Certified Level 3 Trainer (CF-L3). He is also the founder of Invictus Endurance, and has coached CrossFit, running and triathlon programs since 2008.

Nuno is one of only 2 athletes in the world to compete in the CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup every year since they started in 2009 including being part of the winning team in 2014 (Team Invictus).


6. One-on-one Olympic lifting session w/ Olympian Chad Vaughn:
$40 minimum donation, or ‘Buy it Now’ for $150


Private Olympic lifting coaching session with Chad Vaughn.

Session would be in person at CrossFit CenTex in Belton, Texas (the location of Vaughn Weightlifting). Valid until July 1, 2017.

Chad is a 2-time Olympian, 9-time National Champion, Multi-Time International medalist including the overall gold medal at the 2003 Pan American Games, and the American Record Holder in the Clean and Jerk for the 77kg weight class in the sport of Weightlifting.

He has been involved in CrossFit for the past 5 years, and enjoys sharing his knowledge gathered from more than 16 years of utilizing and application of elite level training programs and competition.


7. Virtual Olympic lifting assessment w/ Olympian Chad Vaughn and 6 months membership to Vaughn Weightlifting website
$20 minimum donation, or ‘Buy it Now’ for $125 -> CLOSED


Work with Chad Vaughn on your Olympic lifting remotely from anywhere in the world! He will send you a list of exercises to video and send back to him, and will then give you a full work up of feedback and drills to improve and move forward.

You’ll also get a 6-month membership to the Vaughn Weightlifting website for any of the 3 programs available: 3 day/week, 5 day/week, or Master's 3 day/week (a value of $120; $19.95/month). Both the virtual assessment and website membership are valid until July 1, 2017 (must start programming by then).

Chad is a 2-time Olympian, 9-time National Champion, Multi-Time International medalist including the overall gold medal at the 2003 Pan American Games, and the American Record Holder in the Clean and Jerk for the 77kg weight class in the sport of Weightlifting.


8. Full level of Power Monkey programming for 60 weeks:
$30 minimum donation, or ‘Buy it Now’ for $100 -> CLOSED


A full level of Power Monkey online programming that includes 12 blocks (a $480 value). Each block is 5 weeks and you can choose from the beginner, intermediate, or advanced levels. Valid until July 1, 2017 (must start the programming by then).

Power Monkey training programs have been designed by physical therapists, elite athletes and coaches to sculpt years of experience into simple and comprehensive training plans with over 700+ demonstration videos!

Improve your gymnastics or weightlifting skills, or choose to work on your technical flaws to fix three essential movements: muscle up, handstand and Olympic lifts.

Their coaching staff is led by David Durante and Chad Vaughn, among others. Read more here.


9. One-on-one gymnastics session with Olympian David Durante:
$30 minimum donation, or ‘Buy it Now’ for $100 -> CLOSED


Private gymnastics coaching session with gymnast and coach David Durante.

Session would be in person at CrossFit Solace in New York City. Valid until July 1, 2017.

Dave Durante is a multiple time USA gymnastics national champion and 2008 Beijing Olympic Team alternate. He is part of the USA Gymnastics Men’s National Team Coaching staff, and lead coach with the CrossFit Gymnastics L1 course from 2013-2015. Durante also developed the CrossFit Gymnastics Advanced Course.

He is co-owner of Power Monkey Fitness, which is dedicated to brining gymnastics education, equipment and events to the fitness world. Gymnastics is his life passion and his goal is to bring proper understanding, technique, and progression to people all over the world.


10. One-on-one coaching session with Games athlete Austin Malleolo, followed by a WOD with Austin + Spencer Hendel:
$40 minimum donation, or ‘Buy it Now’ for $150


Private session with Austin Malleolo. However you’d like to spend your time with Austin at the gym is up to you! Work on a specific movement, receive tips for coaching groups both large and small, discuss competition preparation, etc. After the one-on-one, Spencer Hendel will join you and Austin for a WOD.

Session will be in person at CrossFit One Nation in Needham, MA. Valid until July 1, 2017.

Austin Malleolo is the Owner and Director of Coaching Development at CrossFit One Nation. He is also the head coach at Reebok CrossFit ONE and a member of the CrossFit HQ Level 1 Seminar staff, a CrossFit Certified Level 3 Trainer, as well as a CrossFit Games competitor. Austin has trained everyone from professional athletes to moms and dads, adaptive athletes to CrossFit Games Competitors.

Spencer Hendel is the owner of Reebok CrossFit Medfield, a fierce competitor and accomplished Games athlete, and a passionate coach.


11. Built by Bergeron Affiliate Excellence Seminar:
$40 minimum donation, or ‘Buy it Now’ for $175


The one-day Affiliate Excellence Seminar on Feb 18, 2017 in Scottsdale, AZ will explore the best practices that the world’s best affiliates use everyday. With 7 years coaching elite CrossFit Games champions like Katrin Davidsdottir and Mat Fraser, and over 10 years of experience running a successful affiliate, CrossFit New England, Bergeron will help you create excellence in your CrossFit Affiliate. This seminar is tailored specifically for CrossFit Affiliate owners ($475 value – transportation/lodging not included).

For more info about the seminar, click HERE.


12. 1 Year Membership to Built by Bergeron CompTrain Masters Program:
$40 minimum donation, or ‘Buy it Now’ for $199 -> CLOSED


Attention Masters Athletes!!! Work with the Built by Bergeron training team that has coached 5 different CrossFit Games champions including Katrin Davidsdottir and Mat Fraser.

The CompTrain Masters programming by Ben Bergeron allows you to follow elite masters programming from anywhere in the world. With over 10 years of experience, 4 Masters Games Champions, 18 Games Athletes and 73 Masters Qualifiers (Top 200), this program isn’t about “less volume” or “less intensity”. It’s about training smarter by creating a unique program for your age bracket, weight, volume, and movements will be specific to your division.

The 1-year membership ($480 value) is valid until July 1, 2017 (must start the programming by then).

For more info about the program, click HERE.


13. 3 Months of The Ben Smith Blueprint Programming:
$30 minimum donation, or ‘Buy it Now’ for $100 -> CLOSED


3 months of The Ben Smith Blueprint online programming for any fitness level ($150 value; $50/month). Get daily competitive workouts programmed by one of CrossFit's most successful athletes of all time.

Ben has finished 1st place in the Mid-Atlantic Region 5 times, has 7 appearances at the CrossFit Games, and is one of only four men that have multiple podium finishes at the CrossFit Games including the title of the 2015 Fittest Man On Earth.

Train like a Champ from anywhere in the world! Valid until July 1, 2017 (must start the programming by then).

Who is this for? Everyone! Are you an aspiring COMPETITIVE CROSSFIT ATHLETE looking to improve performance in the Open, Regionals, or local competitions? Or, are you an EVERYDAY CROSSFIT ATHLETE wanting to follow a proven programming structure designed to improve overall fitness? The Ben Smith Blueprint program was designed with both groups of athletes in mind.

For more info about the program, click HERE.


14. Private WOD w/ Ben Smith and his brothers Alec & Dane:
$40 minimum donation, or ‘Buy it Now’ for $175 -> CLOSED


Enjoy a private workout with Ben Smith, one of CrossFit's most elite athletes, and his brothers Alec and Dane, both of whom have their own impressive athletic accomplishments!

Train with all 3 Smith brothers at CrossFit Krypton in Chesapeake, VA for a morning session. Scaling options available! Valid until July 1, 2017.

All three brothers train together at Krypton and competed at the 2016 CrossFit Games Atlantic Regional.


15. One-on-One session w/ Greg Amundson, the Original Firebreather!:
$40 minimum donation, or ‘Buy it Now’ for $150


Train one-on-one with Greg Amundson at his gym, CrossFit Amundson in Santa Cruz, CA. Well-known as one of the founding CrossFitters, he is described by his peers as the “Original CrossFit Firebreather”, and is the embodiment of all the tangible benefits and intangible values that CrossFit represents. Valid until July 1, 2017.

In addition to his work in the CrossFit industry Amundson also worked extensively for the government as a former SWAT officer, DEA Special Agent, and U.S. Army Captain. He is also the author of several books (see Item #16 below).


16. Greg Amundson Book Gift Pack:
$20 minimum donation, or ‘Buy it Now’ for $50


Greg Amundson is well-known as one of the founding CrossFitters and is described by his peers as the “Original CrossFit Firebreather”, and has graciously donated a gift pack of his books:

  • Firebreather Fitness: Greg’s program will help you align your physical, mental, and spiritual training so you can excel at work, in the gym, and in life. He shares his advice, experience, and education on how to live a great, balanced and super-healthy life.
  • God In Me: Greg shares his love for God in a unique and powerful new voice, merging Biblical truth with modern day lessons on leadership, positive thinking, and the warrior spirit.
  • Your Wife is NOT Your Sister: 15 Love Lessons Greg Learned... The Hard Way.

Note: this gift pack will not arrive in time for the Christmas holiday, and will be sent from Greg directly.


17. Training Session or Outdoor Adventure w/ Matt & Cherie Chan:
$40 minimum donation, or ‘Buy it Now’ for $150 -> CLOSED


Enjoy a 2-4 hour training session or outdoor activity (hiking, mountain biking, or rock climbing/bouldering) with Matt AND Cherie Chan (for a group of up to 6 people; 4 people max for a climbing adventure) in the Denver/Boulder, CO area. Valid between June – August, 2017.

Gather a group of friends or colleagues for a cool team-building event , or enjoy a few hours one-on-one with the Chans! Both Matt and Cherie are long-time CrossFitters and avid outdoor enthusiasts and athletes. They recently sold their gym, CrossFit Verve in Denver, CO, which they started together in 2008.

Cherie is a Level 4 coach and member of CrossFit HQ Seminar Staff who has led over a hundred L1 and coaches prep courses – making her one of the most well-known and knowledgeable coaches in the community. She’s also 2-time CrossFit Games competitor and CrossFit commentator.

Matt Chan is also L4 coach and prominent member of the CrossFit HQ Seminar Staff. He’s a 6-time CrossFit Games individual competitor (podium in 2012), and a retired Denver area Firefighter.



Steve’s Club Athlete Profile: Tommy

Posted on November 28, 2016 by Steve's Club National Program


Most of us don’t have a very vivid memory of our childhoods, especially the very early years. But what does it mean when you are 17 years old and can’t remember things that occurred only a few short years before?

It’s not amnesia. It’s not due to any physical injury. It’s another kind of trauma. The type of trauma that comes from dealing with your mother overdosing on drugs. “I don’t really remember where I grew up. Somewhere in the country. I kind of grew up all over. My mom wasn’t really in my life, but when she was, it really just wasn’t pleasant,” shared Tommy, an athlete at Steve's Club Nashville.

Tommy’s reaction to his mother’s passing, while not ideal, is understandable. After his mother passed, Tommy made a lot of bad decisions. He acted out as many teenagers would have, and do. “I fell into a lot of bad habits, a lot of which involved drugs.” Tommy, who had to be dragged to Steve’s Club Nashville by his dad, was described by Coach Rebecca as “sullen, quiet, and aloof” in his earliest days before he embarked on a transformation that brought him around 180 degrees.

“Tommy arrived and didn’t really speak. His dad was bringing him in because Tommy was acting up and he didn’t really know what else to do with him. That was about three and a half years ago. About a year into it, he really began to change. He went from that quiet, sullen kid to a happier, more open kid,” Rebecca beamed. “Now he helps the other kids, cheers them on, and even goes out of his way to help clean up equipment without being asked." I think we all know how hard it is to get teenagers to clean up anything.

Tommy, admittedly, was heading down the wrong path, but found CrossFit in time to redirect his negative energy into a positive influence in his life and turn things around. He plans to enlist in the Marines after graduation in the spring of 2017. “I just found a better way to express myself. I realized that I can be who I really am, and be more open in front of others. I also realized that maybe it’s not about fitting in, but maybe it’s all about standing out,” Tommy said thoughtfully.

“There have been quite a few times I’ve been put down in my life. People always want to put a label on you, and that’s fine, people are always going to talk about you because they want something to talk about. That drives me to keep going, to get better, to be the best, because then, that’ll give them something to talk about, being the best.”

But Tommy now realizes something that he did not before. After his mother passed, he went on a search. He was searching for happiness. And no matter where he looked, or which drug he tried, he couldn’t find what he was looking for, until Steve’s Club. “I began to realize after a few weeks of coming to Steve’s Club that the high you get from drugs, that “happiness”, can be found naturally. And that’s what I’ve found with CrossFit and Steve’s Club,” Tommy said.

“It’s helped me so much mentally, physically, and emotionally. The workouts are hard, but fun, then you start challenging yourself. Then you start doing things you couldn’t do before, overcoming challenges, and it keeps you coming back.”

Tommy understands the impact and change Steve’s Club and CrossFit has had on his life and has turned into a recruiter at school. “There’s really not much not to like. I tell everyone that they have to try it. It’s free, it’s fun, but the community is what is truly incredible. Everybody gets down at certain points, whether it’s in a workout or in life. But at Steve’s Club we are all pulling for each other, and that’s made a huge difference for me.”


If you'd like to start a Steve's Club in your community to provide a safe and nurturing environment for kids like Tommy, learn more here.

If you want to help us reach more kids like Tommy in other cities nationwide, we rely on donations to expand our program and start more Steve's Clubs. Join us in making a difference! 


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