10 Miles and a Weight Vest: Raising Money for Steve’s Club

Posted on October 06, 2016 by Steve's Club National Program



It's hard enough to convince most people to walk at a fast pace, let alone run a race. So what made Philadelphia resident and coach at Fearless Athletics, Dominick Bulone, decide to not just run the Broad Street Run, but to do it with a 20 pound weight vest on?

The kids of Steve's Club.

In 2010, while struggling to really find a rhythm working out, Bulone, was introduced to CrossFit by a friend and decided to partake in the 6-day On-Ramp program. At that time, he had little idea what CrossFit was aside from a couple of YouTube videos but was extremely sure he wouldn't be able to do many of the movements he was seeing in the videos.

Six years later, Bulone is a coach at Fearless Athletics in Philadelphia and doing things he never thought possible for himself, physically, mentally, and emotionally. "It's amazing how I never get tired of it. It continues to amaze me how much I can always push myself. CrossFit teaches you a lot about being disciplined, focused, and goal-oriented, and I think this is something that has helped me in all facets of my life," shared Bulone.

A pharmacist and self-proclaimed foodie, he credits CrossFit with changing his life entirely, from the way he eats and takes care of his body, to the way he approaches problems away from CrossFit. "A great example is doing a strict muscle up. At first, I couldn't do one. So that became the goal. I worked and worked until I could do one. Ok great, now two becomes the goal, and so on. And that is similar to life. You have to work hard to get the work done, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and there is success on the other side."

But to get to what everyone has been wondering about, why run a 10 mile race in a 20 pound weight vest when running is hard enough?

Dominick knew that he needed a little extra motivation to make sure that he gave the Broad Street Run his all. In his search for the right cause to raise money for, he struck up a conversation at his CrossFit gym with fellow member, and Steve Club's Program Director, Leora Hafri, who told him what Steve's Club was all about.

After getting caught up to speed, Dominick was excited. He believed in what Steve's Club was doing, how they were doing it, and the change CrossFit could have in one's life. After finding out that it cost about $500 to send one kid to the organization’s life-changing Summer Leadership Camp, Bulone decided that he wanted to try and send two kids to camp by raising $1,000. He raised $1,600, enough for three kids to attend.

Before the actual run, Bulone visited Steve's Club HQ for a day to workout with the kids of Steve’s Club Camden, and he was hooked. "Those kids are so awesome, so impressive. So is the crew that helps them all out. Steve, Lee, and Leora do an incredible job, as do the rest of the Steve's Club leaders across the country. When I visited HQ for a day to work out, I saw a kid standing by himself. He very clearly didn't feel that he fit in with everyone else. Steve went out of his way to patiently work with that kid all class, after class, and so on to the point that there could be no doubt in the kid's mind that this is where he belonged, a feeling he probably had never felt before."

Bulone created such strong ties with the Steve's Club athletes that he was asked to come out to Leadership Camp this past summer to coach a class. He of course said yes instantly. "Hearing some of those stories from the kids at Camp was tough. Some of them were dealt really, really terrible hands. It was just such a wonderful experience for me to be able to do whatever I could to make sure that they had a fantastic experience," Bulone said. "Next year I'm hoping to stay the whole week."

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