A Healthy Diet Is Important To A Positive Lifestyle

Posted on August 30, 2016 by Steve's Club National Program

Many kids involved with Steve’s Clubs across the nation are not always sure where their next meal is coming from.

Some of them are not expecting to get three meals a day.

The last thing on their mind is what’s a fruit, what’s a vegetable, what’s protein, what’s fat.

They care about eating.


How Does One Eat Healthy If They Have No Idea What ‘Eating Healthy’ Means?

Due to this, many at-risk youth do not have the slightest idea how to eat healthy. They really don’t even know what that would look like.

Unfortunately, this can have a compounding effect leading to worse health, lower self-esteem, and less chance of success.

At Steve’s Club Leadership Camp, these teens learn not just the leadership, teamwork, and communication skills to be successful, but the healthy eating habits that amplify all of their hard work in the gym.

Knowledge Is The First Step On The Road To A Healthy Diet

Along with donating meals for camp, the generous team from Snap Kitchen hosted a nutrition workshop for the teens.

Snap Kitchen, the healthy meal shop whose headquarters is in Austin, TX, places an emphasis on chef-made, nutrient-dense meals, and snacks as close to real food as possible.

During the workshop, Beth and Lana (representatives from Snap Kitchen) highlighted all types of information to increase the teens’ chances of success through healthy eating habits.

       • The importance of food as fuel for performance in our daily lives
       • The composition of a ‘healthy’ plate and what that looks like for each meal of the day
       • “Survival options” if you have to get food on the go (like grabbing hard-boiled eggs over chips at                the convenience store)

“It’s important to eat healthy as well as exercise. We want the campers to realize that they can achieve anything, and a healthy diet will only increase those chances,” said Beth.

In addition to their interactive workshop, Snap Kitchen provided 50 prepared meals for the campers, staff, and volunteers to eat on the first evening of Camp, as well as giveaway bags.

It is donations like these that help Leadership Camp succeed, but also have the enormous impact on the kids that it does.

When describing the food at Camp, one of the campers mentioned that he had gained ten pounds in the first few days because he was eating three healthy and balanced meals a day. He enjoyed the food so much that he always went back for second helpings. The food fueled him for every workout during Camp, and he slept incredibly well because he had a full stomach and wasn’t hungry.

Investing In These Kids Is An Investment In The Future Success Of Our Communities


Sponsors like Snap Kitchen realize that by helping to change the habits of these kids early in their lives, they can play a part in serving underserved communities.

These kids are the future of their communities.

And by placing them in the best position to succeed, everyone can come out ahead.

“It was incredible to be a part of the Leadership Camp. You could tell the kids took it seriously and really look to the coaches and fellow attendees for guidance both at Camp and also in their everyday lives while at their respective Local Clubs.”

“We are just hoping to add to their toolkit by providing them with an education of what healthy eating looks and feels like so that they can apply it to their lives at home, and in the future,” Lana added.

Rewards Come From Unexpected Places In Unexpected Ways

“I felt so energized being around the kids. Watching how they were so locked into everything they were learning, and the immense growth they experienced as people over the course of Camp. It was such an unexpected reward.” - Beth

You never know what you may get out of giving back.

And you, too, can get involved.

Donations and sponsorships do not always come in the form of money.

If you don’t have money, you could donate time.

If you don’t have time, you could donate food.

Whatever it is, every little bit helps.

Every little bit adds up to a major difference in the lives of these at-risk teens who have the ability to turn around and take their leadership skills back into their communities to make a huge difference.

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For more information on Snap Kitchen click here.