Beat The Streets: How One WOD Changes The Future Of Thousands

Posted on August 23, 2016 by Lee Knight


Everyone has seen the impact that CrossFit can have on a person:
• A former athlete who lost his way is re-inspired to regain his past form
• A soccer mom who never lifted weights before now loves Olympic lifting
• Someone who has fallen into the routine of life, sitting at work all day, now chases PRs and enjoys the positive side effect of a healthier and fitter body

It inspires people to change the way they live.

After only a few weeks, the way that they walk, talk, and carry themselves totally changes.

They are hooked.

At Steve’s Club, at-risk youth across the nation are provided with the exact same opportunity.

These young athletes come from varying backgrounds, each one seemingly more difficult than the next:
• Absentee or abusive parents
• Friends & family in jail or juvenile detention
• Murders and gang activity on their block

Experiences no child should have to go through, yet they know no different. They see no way out.

Once athletes like Tre find CrossFit and are exposed to the environment at Steve’s Club, they, too, are hooked.

They have a realization that they are much more capable than they ever imagined. Their future is in their own hands, and it can be very bright.


At 30 Local Steve’s Clubs across the country, these young athletes learn lifelong skills, taught through the CrossFit lifestyle, within a positive, safe, and supportive environment.

Alongside their coaches, volunteers, and peers at Steve’s Club they begin to beat the streets one day at a time.

That is the inspiration behind the Beat The Streets workout.

Each Dollar Raised Means A Brighter Future For Someone Who Didn’t Realize They Had One

In order to provide more and more opportunities for at-risk youth across the nation to get off the streets and break the cycle, Steve’s Club National Program hosts a Partner WOD to raise the money needed to continue starting new Clubs that:
• Provide kids without direction with a new sense of purpose
• Create safe environments for kids to flourish alongside their new ‘family’
• Generate brighter futures for kids who never knew they had one

Events like Beat The Streets give kids an opportunity to change their future, and create a different, much more productive cycle.

“How Can I Get My Gym Involved?”

Beat The Streets (BTS) is a partner WOD, open to any gym or CrossFit affiliate, that can be programmed as a regular workout during the week or as a larger community event.


The BTS WOD has a suggested donation of $25 per person that is fully tax-deductible.

Keep in mind as you and your community start generating momentum that for every $1000 raised through Beat the Streets, a new Local Club can be started in a city in need, meaning:
• Less crime in underprivileged areas
• Brighter futures for youth most people write off
• Better leaders to create better communities

To learn more about how to get involved as a local gym owner, click HERE.

Or, you can email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), and we can help you plan and market your BTS event with:
• Cookie cutter letters ready to send to potential donors
• Videos to share detailing the impact Steve’s Club has on athletes and Local Club leaders alike
Marketing material detailing what the money raised is going towards

There are 30 current Local Clubs, and with your donations we can bring fitness, nutrition, and mentorship to more kids like Tre by starting new Local Clubs.

Through Beat the Streets, you too can help Strengthen the Nation, One Kid at a Time!